Celebrating 16th Place


At the annual Spelling Bee in one of the schools I saw a very interesting reaction. In the 8th round, a student, who just happened to be my son, misspelled a word, was out of the competition, but celebrated as if he had won. He is a hilarious kid already, but this response took me by surprise. When it was all said and done and the winner was established, I asked my son why he was so giddy about coming in 16th place. He looked at me with eyes of devilish innocence and simply said, “Progress!”

Throughout all my years of teaching I always celebrated progress, growth…the little moments with that understanding that every student’s pinnacle may not be the same. However, when you take the time to make a big deal out of the little moments, students were encouraged to either keep climbing or challenge themselves on the next mountain. I’m ecstatic to know that my son has picked up on this and has learned to celebrate even 16th place…he didn’t even make the final 40 last year. Progress!

He just entered the Geography Bee…can’t wait to celebrate with him.