Teachers’ Guide to The Use of SoundCloud in Class ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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Giving students a voice in critical to learning. I have used SoundCloud for music sharing purposes, but I wasn’t aware of the group aspect in SoundCloud. Students are already using it socially, why not "Meet Them Where They Are" and begin using it in the classroom. Haiku allows for full integration which will continue to allow single sign-on with Google. 


Tweechme is proud to announce its very own Mobile App on iOS and Android App

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Your staff not interested in using Twitter as a PLN? Most of the time this is due to the intimidation factor of learning how to use Twitter and not having enough time to do so. Tweechme takes a simple approach to help teachers become comfortable with using Twitter to grow and to meet there students where they are. 

Peggo – Record beautiful MP3s from YouTube

Peggo is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that records MP3s of your favorite online videos.
Peggo’s packed with great features like integrated search, automatic silence removal, audio normalization, subtrack offsets, and artist and title tags.
Peggo automatically removes unwanted silence from the beginning and end of videos so you get a beautiful MP3 with just the good stuff. In addition, Peggo also normalizes the volume of every recording to the same, comfortable level so you never have to reach for the volume dial between MP3s again.

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Many times the audio from a YouTube video is all you need to have an impact in the classroom. This looks like a useful, and apparently legal tool that extracts the audio and creates an mp3 file for you. I will play around with it to see what the limitations are, but I can see the music industry having some issues. 

The 4 stages of understanding Twitter (Which are you on?) – Daily Genius

Twitter is a challenging tool to really start using. That’s probably why only 26% of U.S. adults, for example, use the service. Many people view a single tweet as gibberish about nothing relevant. But there comes a time when you actually ‘get’ Twitter and understand what all the fuss is about. The gibberish turns into …

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One of my challenges this summer is to engage my teachers using Social Media. Keep in mind…my task was to bring the two campuses into the 21st Century, but the mindset was stuck in the 19th. Getting people onto email was my year 1 challenge, imagine the fight I have to using twitter, Google+ and others. However, easing the initial fears of new technology has been my mission and I must say, I’m ahead in my 3 year plan. However, the Social Media block is still there and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s due to a lack of understanding that drives the fear to explore. However, In every Montessori and IB classroom, the teachers are always equipping students with the notion that they can do anything if they simply face their fears head on. Well, I think it’s time that educators follow their own advice.