ClockIn an attempt to, like others, start the year off with some positive self motivation, the one word challenge was proposed by several of my professional and personal learning groups. Being that I am the least consistent blogger, one would think that coming up with that one word would be extremely difficult. That fact of the matter is, that is truly the case. My blogging inconsistencies sometime deal with having so much to say, but never taking the time to write it all out to where it makes sense. When I do sit down to write, I over complicate my thoughts and unnecessarily contort the message behind the words to where nothing happens. The problem is, I always have something to say and share; so many exciting things happening in education, in the 1:1 space or even with my family, The Mocha 6. However, when God gives me the opportunity to share there is always this hesitation. I can hear Him saying that the clock is ticking, when will you respond?

So, my word for 2016 is “Respond

The goal is to respond to the vision, by not only writing it down, but also being the courier and run with it. When asked to speak, I’ll respond with a loud voice proclaiming the truth. When called upon to make an impact, I’ll respond with integrity and unveil my soul. When my family needs me to listen, I’ll respond with my heart. When the time comes to share my gifts, I’ll respond with humility and open up my mind to others. The fact is, I need to stop just sitting on it, shutting down, hiding, creating excuses while wasting time. Instead begin responding in order to make things change around me. Opportunities to make life matter don’t always knock loudly and continuously unless I respond!