Takeover Tuesdays @ South Hills


What a Great way to teach Digital Citizenship! So often we speak about the negatives of Social Media in the hands of our students, but rarely is the conversation centered on either teaching them the benefits of using it responsibly or allowing them to explain how they use it to build their own brands.

Today at South Hills High School, Mr. Jahns, the awesome Media Specialists/Librarian began allowing students to take over one of the school’s social media channels to tell the story from the student’s perspective. Here is his message explaining the process:


One of my goals as the social media manager is to help tell the story of SHHS.  That’s part of why we’re trying so hard to coordinate our social media accounts and solicit points of pride as they occur.  I believe we can tell our story better, and more effectively, through our students.  I’m always looking for ways to help our students take ownership of their learning and their educational experience, with a goal of creating the kind of student culture we really want.  To that end, I’ve begun “Takeover Tuesdays”, an opportunity for one or more students to take over one of our campus social media accounts for a day and ‘tell our story’.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 9/13, Richard Cervantes will be taking over our Instagram account, South_Hills_High_School .  The theme of this takeover is “A day in the life…”

I invite you to follow our account.

Social Media dominates the daily lives of our teens. If we don’t create the opportunities to meet them where they are, we’ll miss out on truly engaging them in ways that are most meaningful to them. This also provides the chance to have those valuable conversations about Digital Citizenship to help guide them as they leave their digital impressions across the internet.

Check out how the day went by following South Hills High School’s Instagram account!


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