Excuse Me While I #PassTheScopeEdU Style

passthescopelogoThe life of a 1:1 Specialists can be grueling and time consuming when you have campuses that average over 1600 devices per. Rarely do I have time for much that is new and forward thinking outside the innovation that is happening within my own realm and scope. However, I have been deeply enthralled with the #PassthescopeEDU movement since its conception.

Back in April of this year, a small group of maybe 5 educators started playing around with the idea of using Periscope in the classroom in somewhere in the midst of the discussions, the idea of passing the Scope was birthed. I so happened to catch the broadcast of a friend of mine @knikole as she was introducing one of my personal favorite tools, Makey Makey’s. Then she passed the scope to another educator I was connected with in Georgia. I immediately equated the concept to the my “Pass The Mic” days when I was in the music industry which I later adapted to my classrooms when I taught and of course I was hooked. I immediately contacted @iamvlewis and told her how dope the concept was and I was wanted a chance to drop the scope the next time.

I joined the group on @voxer and the movement blew up. The decision was to Pass the Scope every 3rd Thursday of the month based on a specific theme. May’s theme was Summer Learning. I had the chance to involve some students on my main campus and they had a blast. However, I soon realized that this was only the beginning. The group grew from 5 to 21, to now 40 phenomenal educators from Hawaii to Singapore. That’s a great distance, especially if you take the long route around the globe. The @voxer group allows for awesome collaboration opportunity to share idea, ask questions, receive wonderful feedback and essential create what is now known as #passthescopeEDU


So on June 16, the scope was passed beginning at 12:15 PM EST for 9 hours. The Scope was dropped in twice in Michigan, Utah, Nevada, North Carolina, Florida and in Georgia. The Scope was also dropped in Connecticut, Vermont, Ohio, Kansas, Tennessee, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii and Toronto, Canada. Then dropped 3 times in California and 8 times in Texas. It was happening all over the map. Educators shared their Big Idea going into the 2016-2017 school year along with Global Collaboration thoughts. It boiled down to FREE PD for most of the day. Every participator was engaging and shared great ideas for any educator to consider as they plan for the upcoming school year. (You can catch some of the educators here: https://youtu.be/hC3i2Nw3pTw)

More importantly, the event brought to light the potential power @periscope can have in the classroom! Virtual Fieldtrips, expert speakers sharing content for classrooms, interviews with relevant people relevant to an Historical piece of study, or maybe even live streaming of events that are taking place in and out of school where there is limited student participation due to cost. The possibilities are there and the #passthescopeEDU movement will be there to help bring to light some of those ideas. Here is a list of the wonderfuls educators who have participated so far:

  1. Toutoule Ntoya @ToutouleNtoya
  2. Deniece Frideley & Christine Grimm @piggyreads/@brightchicks
  3. Jacqueline Rose @JRose_Edu
  4. Brian Smith @1to1Brian
  5. Kimberly Lane @askatechnogirl
  6. Mark Barnes @markbarnes19
  7. Jennifer Gonzalez @cultofpedagogy
  8. Cynthia Day @msdayvt
  9. Stacy Lovdahl @braveneutrino
  10. Sarah Thomas @SarahdaTeechur
  11. Knikole Taylor @Knikole
  12. Tara Linney @techteachert
  13. Heather Campbell @seriousgiggles
  14. Derek Larson @lars3eb
  15. Jordan Pedraza @RemindHQ
  16. Cassie Reeder @reeder_cassie
  17. Molly Levitt @Molly_Levitt
  18. Valerie Lewis @iamvlewis
  19. Jason Bretzmann @jbretzmann
  20. William Jeffery @CoachJeffery
  21. Shaina Glass @svicglass
  22. Heidi Samuelson @swampfrogfirst
  23. Laura Iskowitz @LauraIskowitz
  24. Kerry Gallagher @KerryHawk02
  25. Anabel Gonzalez @amgonza
  26. Jessica Martin @thewhimsicalteacher
  27. Karen Corbell @CorbellHiAK
  28. Dene Gainey @dene_gainey
  29. Kiana Porter-Isom @EdupreneurToday
  30. Megan Whitney @EdTechDash
  31. Jennifer Williams @JenWilliamsEDU
  32. Katrina Keene @teachintechgal
  33. Starr Sackstein @mssackstein
  34. Judy Arzt @judyarzt
  35. Heidi Carr @carr_8
  36. Makisha Rogers @kisha4tech
  37. Kami Butterfield @kamibutterfield
  38. Dene Gainey @Dene_Gainey
  39. Tracy Brady @mmebrady
  40. Ron Madison @madison_ron
  41. Rusul Alrubail @RusulAlrubail
  42. Lisa Dabbs @teachwithsoul
  43. Shelly Terrell @ShellTerrell
  44. Jessica Esposito @jesespo
  45. Jennifer Bond @TeamBond
  46. Justin Schleider @SchleiderJustin
  • All handles are the same for both Twitter and Periscope 

I’m excited to see what is coming in the month of July. We may even do something for ISTE, who knows. The goal is to hit all the U.S. States and touch each continent. So, make sure to follow those above to see how you can get involved and to see where this movement take us.


One thought on “Excuse Me While I #PassTheScopeEdU Style

  1. Brian..I like how dropped the number of times the scope was dropped in each state. This could lead up to a statewide gamification with maximizing thise visual map markers in each state. It was a day full of PD and you need to put in yhe video and song of your kuds here too. I appreciate the video mashups and graphics you have made to help us shine!

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