You Can’t Escape Learning

Just a short blurb to get back into the habit of blogging…

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 11.52.25 PM

I tried, I really, really tried to escape learning for just a short brief moment. Initiating a 1:1 program is grueling especially when you have to build the program while it is already in motion. Breathing has been much of an after thought. I’ve only had moments to look at my kids to make sure they were still mine and then turn right back to the grind. So when it was time to take a vacation, my plan was to shut everything down, off if not throw all manner of connectivity out the window of the plane I’m still building in the air. I didn’t want to see another learning tool, read another article, have another discussion… all I wanted was to get away and not think at all! Unfortunately, when you are a life-long learner, emergency back-up generators are a part of the package and it kicks on as soon as the power shuts down.

See, I made the mistake of not only connecting with wonderful educators across this great continent, but connecting all of my devices in order to keep up with what is going on. So, when I tried to sneak away for a long weekend by myself, my friends kept periscoping their activities while at various conferences all over. While determined to just stay in the bed and catch up on my rest, @voxer kept chirping with riveting discussions within my PLN. I tried muting my phone considering that is the device I use most to connect, but I mistakingly purchased an Apple Watch, then had this ridiculous notion to be notified with a haptic response when anything meaningful went down. Since I wear my watch all the time, I couldn’t escape the learning. I didn’t necessarily participate in the conversations, but I jotted down all the juicy details, which prompted ideas to formulate in my mind, which catapulted into writing plans out and mapping out implementation possibilities, which encouraged me to design learning and sharing opportunities, which in turn…STOP IT! I just want to rest and get away from it all, but the more I live, the more learning becomes who I am and I simply can’t escape it. Thank goodness, because otherwise, how else will I be able to continue to meet them where they are?