Using iPad Stop Animation within Primary Education

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I have mentioned in previous blog posts that my favourite education app is the Camera app. Any app that then talks to the camera app makes it a more powerful and widely used app. One of my favourite examples of this is I Can Animate. It allows pupils or teachers to take a series of photos and then the app plays the photos as a video.

Firstly this can be used to inspire creativity as pupils can make inanimate objects move, such as Lego and plasticine by making subtle movements for each photo. What’s nice about this app is it keeps an ‘Onion skin’ image each time so pupils can see where the previous photo was when lining the camera up.

At school we have used I Can Animate more for science than any other subject as we are able to capture processes. Here are a few ideas:
Take a photo each day of a seed growing and then watch the seed grow as a video. Videos of seeds growing in different conditions can be played side by side using the Split screen feature in iMovie app.
2. Take a photo every 5 minutes of different materials absorbing water. I Can Animate also includes a time lapse feature where it will automatically take photos at intervals predetermined by the user.
3. Using the the time lapse feature, capture a shadow moving across the playground.
4. Put a bird feeder outside the classroom window and record animals visiting. This video can then be used for data handling.
5. Record the weather outside the window. I can animate include a speed tool so you can condense longer videos.

Most of the time we only have one iPad in the classroom so the teacher can share the videos with pupils as a shared resource in Dropbox or Showbie.

Brian Romero Smith‘s insight:

Check out these great uses of stop motion video for Science classes. I truly enjoy  Stop motion video lessons as it provides  wonderful analytical problem solving situations for students.  When I conduct digital storytelling lessons, students display their critical thinking skills more often for me when using stop motion video, especially when using Legos. 


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