What I Really Got Out of TCEA14

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 5.45.45 PMI still feel like I’m getting my feet wet when it comes to navigated the Ed Tech waters. Going to conferences like TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) can be quite overwhelming for a small tech master  like me who found himself surrounded by the Master Oogway’s of the Ed Tech realm. However, my first day I so happened to meet an incredible ed tech champion, Mindi Vandagriff (@mindivandagriff) who in turn introduced me to some other Tech All Stars Whom I begin sit and learn from, mostly through eavesdropping on their conversations. However, that was where I found the most value at the conference. Yes, the workshop sessions were great, the presentations were phenomenal, but that’s a ton to process. Not sure how I’m going to pull together all the handouts into one QR code. On the other hand, what Christian Long told me about breaking bread with my students and with the community to have a deeper impact into the soul, or the conversation with Jamel Knighten about the importance of bridging the digital divide is being willing to jump feet first into the gap ourselves. Or the conversations around my super hero shirts I wore all week that established connections with people who agree that we have to wear our reminders of the heroic impact we have on today’s youth daily so that we can continue to be a positive influence. Those relationships formed around conversations is what I enjoyed most about TCEA this week. I learned a ton of tools, but grew much more as a student of what I do based on who I met.


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