By Leaps and Bounds The Future Is Nigh

Just a few days ago, I was speaking to a fellow educator about her differentially gifted students and their means of operating tools of technology to communicate and demonstrate mastery of the objectives. We were discussing how to manipulate the iPad and using the Universal Access on the Mac to overcome certain challenges. However, the thoughts continued to roll, I get an invite to take a look at a new product that is about to be unveiled and I immediately leap in the air with excitement.

Leap Motion has come up with a way to improve interaction with your computer through the natural movements. The idea is to replace the mouse and keyboard with a technology that will allow you to use your motion to dictate the applications on your device. Basically, you begin to conduct your computer like a technology orchestra using swipes, pinches, and any other normal hand movement to direct what you want to happen. Imagine some of our Differentially Gifted students having the ability to communicate with and manipulate complicated programs with their own natural movements. They receive immediate feedback and gratification by doing something on their own. The technology is comparable to what we have seen in the movies like Iron Man (Which I vow to have a system just like that one day) and Minority Report and makes huge strides in bringing similarities to our homes at a very affordable rate.

I can’t wait to see this technology in schools across the country and I look forward to having it in my home real soon.


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