Moby We Should Pass On This One…

As normal, I peruse the web searching for the newest tools to turn into Ed Tech super weapons to annihilate traditional teaching methods fed to today’s digital student. In my search over time, I have found myself connected with more than enough social media platforms. Therefore, having a way to share, participate and be in all places at once is attractive. While looking at my social media hangar, one of my twitter PLN buddies posted something from MobyPictures and described it as a place to share photos on all your social media networks from one place. Perfect…so I thought. As soon as I went to the home page, my computer was flagged for inappropriate images. (I have it set up that way because I have kids.) Well, come to find out, Mobypictures does allow you to use one site to share with them all, but anyone can share anything, and I mean anything, including…well, I Leave it at that.

If you are looking to eliminate having to access multiple social media points in your classroom and simply use one to share to all, pass on Mobypictures, you could lose your job because of it.


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