Newspaper Publishing In School?

I made the decision to follow my god-daughter on twitter after meeting some of her friends at her High School graduation. Interestingly enough,as I begin to follow her, I thought about categorizing the different conversations, tweets what have you and putting together a college of messages for her to create a poster from. Well, a few days later, I ran across a web 2.0 tool that made start thinking about my initial idea as and educational project. is a content curation service that allows it’s members to collect digital information and publish it as a newspaper all based on the topics enjoyed by the owner himself. Now of course I’m thinking of ways this can be used in the classroom and I can’t help but be excited about using this tool in our journalism class. While teaching the basics of news reporting, students can be assigned various topics, comb the web for related information, articles, videos, etc., and then use to pull it all together in wonderful template that actually engaging to peruse. I also though about using this as a staff development assignment for teachers to gather information about classroom management, or technology implementation and publish their papers as a way to share what they have learned.

¬†The truth is, there is a ton of information out there and I don’t believe it is possible for one person to get to it all. However, working with tools like many people can be reached and not have to search through the massive content of the world by themselves. Here are some links to some trending examples:

Wonderful Wedding and Wisdom

The Patrick Monroe Daily

The Obsession Fitness Daily


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