Make It Take It – Camp Style


The lazy days of summer are a thing of the past. With the ability for kids to collaborate online, Google+ has come up with a fantastic concept for the summer that could blossom into a project based juggernaut for STEM programs across the country.


Introducing Maker Camp on Google+


Maker Camp is a free online experience where teenagers have the opportunity to participate in a different project everyday from July 16 – August 24. For 30 days, 1 project will be given online to complete for a total of 30. Counselors will provide guidance and support for each project throughout the day to help to make sure teens successfully complete each task. At the end of each day, Maker Camp will host a live Google+ Hangout to display successful projects and allow teens all over the world to chime in on the experience. Each day of the week is themed to appeal to every camper’s unique interests:

• Maker Monday

• Tinkering Tuesday

• Weird Science Wednesday

• Theoretical Thursday

• Field Trip Friday

“Now every teen can experience summer camp no matter where they live because it’s online

and it’s free!” Cool thing about it is kids get to talk about their experiences online, and you know how much they love doing that.



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