Giving Them A Voice

Voice Thread

Looking for a something to use to culminate a lesson while giving your students the opportunity to voice his/her opinion. Well, VoiceThread is your Web2.0 tool of the day. Many have heard me preach the praises of Voicethread, so I thought I would put it down on paper, so to speak, and share with my Thompson family. 

VoiceThread is a highly-praised Web-based tool which enables students and teachers to add text and audio commentary to digital images and create unique interactive presentations.  Voice thread allows you to record a single or multiple voices and images to create a multimedia show that is personalized and applicable for educational projects as well as personal multimedia endeavors.  Your VoiceThread presentations can be made public to anyone or you can make them accessible to selected individuals.  You can even set up an account for individual classes that will allow multiple classmates access to the account for group projects!  As you can see, you can also embed your VoiceThread presentations in your blogs. The possibilities are endless for integrating this into your classroom!  Goodbye, PowerPoint!


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