An iPod In The Hand Is Better Than A Book In A Nook

As more and more district contemplate going BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), attention to what device has the greatest impact in the classroom will rise. In my class the debate is on. We are doing a novel study and I allowed the students to use their own e-reader. We ended up with 2 Kindles, 1 Nook and 9 iPod Touch. Once we downloaded the book on all devices, students were salivating to start reading.

Now, this post is not to compare the devices but to prove a point. I assigned two chapters to read, 10 questions per chapter over inferencing, author’s purpose and organizational structure along with a response post on their student blogs. 15 out of 25 students completed the assignment on time, which included all 12 who used a hand held device. What was more interesting, was 11 out of the 12 students with a device each held thread conversations on one another’s blog about the 1st two chapters.

Is this just a coincidence?


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